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Largo Resources Gets Final Operating Licence for Maracas Menchen

Largo Resources (TSXV:LGO) announced it has received its operating licence to start production at its Maracas Menchen mine in Brazil. The company had received a preliminary operating licence in May 2014 which allowed it to start production ramp-up with the new licence providing the definitive operating licence for production.

Largo Resources’ Maracas Menchen Production Stays Stable

Largo Resources (TSXV:LGO) announced that production remains stable at its Maracas Menchen mine, with 8 to 12 tonnes of vanadium pentoxide produced per day - equivalent to 40 percent of total capacity. Production volumes are expected to steadily increase with a goal of reaching phase 1's capacity of 9,600 tonnes per annum by or before one year of operations.