American Vanadium Corp.(TSXV:AVC) announced that it has recently engaged Hanlon Engineering to assess its Gibellini project. Hanlon Engineering will evaluate the installation of a renewable energy generation system at the site. American Vanadium are aiming to become the greenest mine in America.

As quoted in the press release:

The system would include a vanadium flow battery combined with integrated solar and wind electric power generation capable of providing energy in excess of the needs of the proposed Gibellini Mine.

American Vanadium, President & CEO, Bill Radvak, commented:

We are taking a leadership role in the development of the vanadium flow battery industry in North America based on having the only significant US based vanadium deposit in the development stage, demonstrating the viability of renewable power generation combined with vanadium storage batteries to power mining projects is important to both our corporate strategy and our environmental commitment to green energy at the Gibellini.

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